En DonauMorgen desarrollamos software a la medida,
Aplicaciones móviles & Aplicaciones web

con capacidad de entrega a nivel mundial.

August 2009 - Company creation

DonauMorgen started selling advertising marketing services through bluetooth. Bluetooth servers were installed in shopping malls in the city.

August 2009

February 2010 - Development of computer systems

O´lenguas Speaking Center was the company that started our activities as software developers. To which the administrative system control school was designed.

February 2010

March 2011 - Computer sector | Agroindustry

We collaborated with the company Tsandu Software Development in a project called TCERTIFICA for the agroindustry sector. The development of a web application and the mobile applications of the generations of documents previously configured to verify the quality and health of fruits.

March 2011

November 2012 - Outsourcing

We developed projects and applications for companies such as Kaplan University, General Electric, WERCS Ltd, VayaCoche.Com, ILOBY.COM. This marks the beginning of a new market niche for DonauMorgen, the development of computer projects with affordable prices and for several countries in the world.

November 2012

Enero 2015 - marzo 2018 - Fabrica de Software

Fabricamos software personalizado para clientes en cualquier parte del mundo

Enero 2015 - marzo 2018